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Should Your Company Worry About Access Management? Find Here!

IT environments are getting complex by the day. Owing to diverse reasons and cost advantages, businesses are investing in both cloud and on-premise systems and apps. To add to that, data mining is a reality that companies cannot ignore. Often inadvertently and usually intentionally, businesses have to gather consumer data. In recent years, data breaches and IT security issues have costed millions to some of the biggest corporate firms. Securing confidential business data is critical, and while maintaining a proactive stance can prevent external hacks and attempts of breaches, internal breaches are even more serious. That’s exactly where something like access management becomes so important.

In this post, we are reviewing why your company needs to worry about access management and why the topic concerns every small and big enterprise out there.

Managing volume of users

A large corporate firm is dealing with thousands of internal and external users every single day, and these users have access to a bunch of apps, systems, and programs. It goes without saying that managing access to so many users is a huge task, and this is often one of the foremost reasons of IT security breaches. An increasing number of cases can be traced back to internal sources, and without a competent and comprehensive identity and access management system, it is hard to manage that access. Access management is critical because it helps the company in evaluating risks and ensures that there is complete visibility of who accesses what and at what time.

Understanding the challenges

The need for an identity and access management system is evident if you consider the inherent challenges. There are numerous issues that crop up on a daily basis. Available research data reveals that the access rights for employees leaving the company are not always removed immediately. Sometimes, managers are not even sure the rights of people working under them. Many companies don’t even have systems to monitor these rights, and there is usually some level of failure involved in “control separation of duty (SoD)”. The process of authentication is also not defined, or is not managed appropriately. These are just a few systems why using an identity and access management suite makes so much sense.

The good news is your company can use IAM tools in a customized way, and the process of implementation and using identity and access management suites doesn’t have to impact the regular work flow and operations.

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