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Titanium pipe applications

Titanium Pipe is a type of pipe used in metal piping applications. Metal pipes are used in many applications ranging from domestic water lines to nuclear power reactors. As the requirements of the applications demand, the mechanical properties of the pipes differ. Titanium is the strongest metal on earth. It is used to make metal alloys. The titanium pipe can be stronger than any other general pipes. The pipes come in different sizes, standards and specifications. There are different grades of the pipes available. The grade 5 titanium is strong and corrosion resistant. It could be used in high temperatures up to 400 degrees Celcius. The material could be heat treated. It can come in different types such as the electric resistant welded or cold drawn. The cold drawn pipes are seamless. They have very low roughness. In other words, the seamless pipes have little surface variations. The titanium seamless pipe provides excellent dimension precision. In applications where precision is important, these could be used.

Titanium pipes therefore are used in condensers, pulp and paper industry, se water equipment, pharmaceuticals, chemical equipment, heat exchangers, gas processing plants, power generation plants, and petrochemical industries and off shore oil drilling plants. The primary usage of titanium alloys is due to their high strength and high corrosion resistance properties. Each grade has different composition. So the titanium grade 5 pipe price depends on the raw materials used for it. The price could also be determined by the demand in the market, supply, location of sales, standards and dimensions of the product as well.

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