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What Is a Balustrade and What Can it Do for You?

The term “balustrade” might be unfamiliar and even confusing to many people. However, the truth is that many people have encountered balustrades but simply did not know the term for them. A balustrade is the material to create a protective barricade on a ledge to prevent people from falling. This is most often used on balconies, staircases, and decks. Balustrades can be made out of many different types of material such as glass, timber, and wire. The balustrade itself can be either horizontal or vertical.

What Is a Wire Balustrade Kit?

As the name would suggest, vertical wire balustrade kits are kits to install a vertical wire balustrade by yourself. This can reduce the hassle and cost of hiring a professional to come to your house and install it for you, which can not only be money- and time-consuming but can also be intrusive to you and your family. A balustrade kit can reduce the intrusiveness of having a professional doing the job for you and it can also feel rewarding to do it yourself. It could even become a project that you work on with your children, which can end up being fun for the whole family.

Why Install a Balustrade?

Installing a balustrade in your house can have many benefits aside from becoming a family project. Having a balustrade that is properly installed and maintained can increase your property value, which is important if and when it comes time to sell your house. It can also just make the ledge look better, which in turn makes the rest of the property look better. Most people enjoy having property that looks nice. Some buildings also have to meet national wire balustrade system standards so it is important that your wire balustrade meets those standards. If it does not, then a multitude of bad things could happen, which is something that nobody wants.

Balustrades are also important to keep people safe. Typically, balustrades are installed when a ledge leads to a drop between one and four meters. Falling from a height of four meters can have serious repercussions and can even land you in the hospital for long periods of time. Not only will you be injured and stuck in a hospital but there is a good chance that your health insurance will go up as well. Most people generally don’t enjoy having to pay more for insurance. Most people also generally do not enjoy being hospitalised because they did not take the proper precautions when it comes to keeping ledges safe and secure. Installing a balustrade can help prevent the chance of falling off a ledge and being hospitalised due to a fall. You and your family will thank you as they are able to stand near the ledge without being in danger of falling off and can instead enjoy the view of your new wire balustrade.

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