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What Does Career Orientation Actually Mean?

What is known as career orientation relates to a number of different things, with the first being a means of being introduced to a new type of employment. A new staff member might be shown around a building, helped in writing out particular paperwork, or perhaps even get provided with certain presentations with regards to the work involved.

In addition, one other type of career orientation concerns the path that somebody might take, career-wise, during the course of his or her life. Should, for example, someone wish to check out job vacancies in the medical world, they should definitely head over to Medhire for a head-start in that field of career choice.


The first summary of career orientation is less frequently held, even though some companies do use this terminology when mentioning new hires and their training period. The objective of this sort of orientation is to allow someone to become acquainted with the firm and his or her new environment.

  • In companies where a group of people is hired immediately, orientation can even last just a couple of days, and come in the shape of an organised programme.
  • It can include a special presentation on a range of topics like benefit plans, company policies, and safe working conditions, amongst other concerns.
  • It may also offer employees the chance to ask any type of questions and get the training started for their particular position.

The Other Type of Orientation

The other type of career orientation is the much more familiar definition and relates to peoples job choices and preferences, or how they will adapt themselves with regards to career throughout their lives. Many people will innately manage a pattern of work preferences that will depend not just on their interests, but on how they like to work.

For instance:

  • Some people actually like working with others as a member of a team, whilst many others prefer working by themselves.
  • A number of people enjoy being creative, whilst various others prefer to have a particular set of duties to carry out each day.
  • Personality aspects can help to make up a career orientation and will depend on.

Options for Orientation

A number of career orientation tests are frequently provided at high school to aid students in getting ready for their future, and to start deciding what career paths they wish to follow. Generally, any adult who would like to change their work, or who just feels unhappy in a particular job, is free to do so.

You can find them available for free on the Internet, or maybe accessed at a library or some other kind of career resource centre. Those people who wish for a career that blends in perfectly with their skills and personality are those that tend to be the more successful, so it will certainly be beneficial to check them out.

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