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What Are The Eco-Friendly Ways To Strengthen Your Brand

Packaging has a lot of importance in the retail world. It creates the best first impression on people about your product! That it is the reason why big brands spend several billions of dollars on packaging. We are telling you some environment-friendly ways to improve the reputation of your brand.

How valuable is packaging for online customers?

As per the custom packaging blog carried on online shoppers, it was found that nearly 48% of consumers feel that material packaging is a way to reflect your shipment value. The better your product packaging, more customers will be attracted towards it. 52% of consumers are interested in making repeated purchases from an e-commerce merchant that provides “thoughtful packaging”. More than 40% said that receiving product in impressive packaging make them share its video or images on social media.

Things that customers care while shipping packages

There are following things that customers notice when they receive products

  • Was the product in good condition when it arrived at your home?
  • Custom design and branding, and
  • How eco-friendly was the packaging? 75% of customers stresses on receiving products in green or eco-friendly packaging.

An environmentally friendly implies that it can be easily recycled. It is also made from recycled materials. Biodegradability and reusability were very important for more than 50% of people who were being surveyed.

How to determine whether green packaging is beneficial for your business?

  • If you manufacture or sell following items such as luxury items and high end, durable, uniquely high quality or long lasting, wellness and health items, skin or hair care products, distinctive art and jewelry, quality apparel, and home goods.
  • If your customers are millennials, moms, outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, naturalists etc.
  • Are your brand valuable aspect of company’s success and growth?
  • If your brand stand for environmental or ethical values?
  • If your business focuses on developing your strong social media presence and strategy?

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

Green in your packaging leads to:

  • Lead to a measurable enhancement in your brand, revenue and sales
  • Offer easy protection against any sort of negative publicity
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Biodegradable
  • Multipurpose
  • Improve Brand Image


Most of the e-commerce businesses mistake to overlook their packaging. Online shoppers do notice the way the products are shipped to them. It creates an influence on the way you perceive your brand. Impressive packaging increases the chances of ordering them again and again.

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