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Three Awesome Reasons to Use Hydraulic Torque Tools

There are many kinds of tools that can be used in different projects. But, in terms of bolt/nut tightening and untightening, a torque wrench is the preferred tool because of its accuracy and consistency. For heavy-duty projects, you will need hydraulic wrenches. A lot of industries use these tools for many reasons.

A hydraulic wrench’s power is determined by factors such as cylinder arc position, hydraulic fluid pressure, and wrench arm length. The productivity of these torque tools is based on the pumping unit’s flow, the volume required for extending and retracting the hydraulic cylinder, as well as the cylinder’s degree of turn-of-nut per stroke. To speed of operation for the wrench can increase by using a pump with a good flow rate. A hydraulic torque wrench is used for applying the specifications to torque bolts. Below are some of the main reasons why hydraulic torque wrenches are used in different industries:

Hydraulic Wrenches are Ideal for Heavy-Duty Applications

When you use a normal wrench, you will need to exert pressure to loosen or tighten bolts or nuts. Thus, you will need sufficient energy to reach the recommended torque. Thankfully, a hydraulic wrench generates torque while requiring minimal effort from you. You can benefit from this for heavy-projects such as flange bolting.

They are Self-Ratcheting and Guarantees Accuracy

You use calibrated wrenches to achieve accuracy. This feature is something that hydraulic wrenches possess. Because they are self-ratcheting, they will stop applying extra torque when the desired torque has been achieved. This feature enhances accuracy and ensures consistency when working on bolts and nuts.

Hydraulic wrenches are designed to be used all-round compared to traditional impact wrenches or manual torque wrenches. Also, they come with a host of extra benefits like being accurate. They are designed to prevent under or over torquing. Either of these scenarios can be dangerous and hydraulic wrenches make it possible to torque big assemblies safely as long as work is performed to health and safety standards.

They are Available in a Variety of Selections

While hydraulic wrenches have been designed for industrial use, they can still be used in homes. Manufacturers have redesigned their products to come up with lightweight versions and those with a small nose-radius variant to meet customers’ needs. Plus, you don’t even have to buy wrenches since you can rent one out from some companies.

If you are in the market for hydraulic torque wrenches, look for a reputable supplier that has been in business for years. This way, you can be sure about the quality of the tools you are getting.

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