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The Difference between a Call Answering Service and a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a receptionist is an essential step for any company or business. It is crucial since your company’s image in front of your customers depends on this. When your clients may want to make an inquiry or may want to discuss your services, their first means of contact is talking to your customer service. For most small businesses, this is handled by the receptionist. The receptionist would listen to the client’s issues, and either help them out or transfer the call to the respective department.

However, most small businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time receptionist or assistant. This can significantly cause their performance to decrease since a company needs loyal customers to improve their business. The good news is that there are two cost-effective options for small businesses that would get them professional customer service. These options may have been optimized for the needs of small businesses, but even large corporations can use them to help save on their expenses.

Phone Answering Service

A phone answering service is comprised of a remote group of people who are going to manage your client calls. A phone answering service is very similar to a small call center and can handle the basic queries your clients may have. Most phone answering services are open 24×7 to be able to help out with client queries after hours. They would transfer the client calls to the required departments when needed and make sure the experience goes smoothly for the client.

However, phone answering services don’t necessarily involve humans and can be machine based. In this case, the client would press specific keys to choose the desired option during the call.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant or virtual receptionist would do everything a call answering service would, but is always a human. A virtual assistant would be more involved with your business. They would take messages from clients when you are busy and pass them on to you later. A virtual assistant would also manage your schedule and appointments to check when you are free for calls and when you aren’t. Virtual assistants usually charge more than a call answering service.

So if you are interested in making your business get better, you should consider hiring one of the above depending on which suits your business. To find the best phone answering services, you should check out Phoenix, while for virtual assistants, Sydney is a great place. A quick Google search would reveal the best answering service Phoenix has to offer.

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