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The Benefits of a Plant Leasing Company to a Start-Up Business

If you are a start-up business owner, you’ll understand how hard it is to even get a company off the ground, let alone the hard work required to then build a business to be successful and sustainable over a longer period of time. If your business requires on equipment and machinery, there comes a point very early on in the process where you’ll have to make a decision between whether to go for a plant purchase or use the services of a plant hire company.

There are several benefits to using the experience of a plant hire specialist when you are first starting out as a business, whether you require a single mini excavator for one task, or. Multiple heavy machinery for on-going projects. Making the correct choice at this stage could lay solid foundations for your business that last for many years.

Lower Initial Funds Required

One of the biggest problems when you first open a business is that you have to be incredibly careful about cashflow and the money that is spent. There has to be enough money in the bank to cover bills and staff wages. If you require certain types of machinery or equipment in order to get an order or project completed successfully, by hiring it you can save costs. Purchasing plant means a much higher initial cost, as well as the fact that the equipment immediately begins to depreciate in value from the moment you buy it.


As you grow as a company there will be times where you need a larger quantity of certain items and certain bits of equipment. The growth of a company is never in a straight line however, it is more like a wave, and that is why plant hire makes sense for start-up businesses. You can scale up as and when you need to, and scale back down when the project or finances are not in place to deal with a higher cost.

Allows for Flexibility

One of the other problems with purchasing plant is that you are stuck with that one piece of equipment and machinery until you decide to upgrade. With plant hire you have the flexibility of choosing from a much larger fleet, meaning you have the tools for a very specific job. This helps to improve productivity significantly.

Plant hire specialists can provide you with a wealth of experience, as well as a large fleet of many-varied equipment and machinery to be used in all sorts of sectors and scenarios, from inner-city construction sites to offshore renewable energy projects, and everything else in between. As a start-up business, cash and time is tight, so it is vital that you make the right choice. As you move through your journey as a small business owner, no matter where you end up, the specialist advice and equipment from a plant hire could be invaluable in helping you reduce your costs, have the ability to scale the company as and when it is necessary, have flexibility in all projects, and minimal downtime when equipment and machinery breaks down.

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