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Silkscreen Printing for CD Duplication

Whenever a new technology enters industry it isn’t uncommon for that old technology to become pressed aside despite how helpful still it might be – and place color silkscreen printing for CD Duplication has certainly endured this fate.

I grant you that pushing ink via a stencil that’s put on a presented-in fabric sounds pretty archaic in comparison with modern CMYK digital printing methods… which is… why should that prejudice the potency of the printed result particularly if the new technology cannot make the same printed result?

With certain kinds of designs silkscreen printing on CD or DVD dvds can really produce superior results than CMYK printing – be that offset printing or inkjet printing – but it is really lower towards the understanding from the designer to really make it work. Nowadays of do-it-yourself computer aided graphics the proportion of designers who comprehend the needs for silkscreen printing is quickly decreasing but, regardless, it’s still down to the designer to think about all the printing options are for sale to them.

For that unskilled, silkscreen printing isn’t necessarily designer friendly because it doesn’t always supply the WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) results that unskilled designers expect. For this reason it is important the designer steers their design to benefit from the particular strengths (and steer clear of the weaknesses) from the selected printing process.

For CD duplication purposes, place color silkscreen printing is most effective for:

• Line-art text and graphics.

• Bold or chunky designs without any subtleties.

• Large regions of solid color.

• Few colors (usually no more than five to six however that number is going to be determined by the particular printing machine).

Consequently, place color silkscreen printing isn’t ideal for:

• Photo taking images or rasterized text and graphics.

• Complex color designs.

• Subtle designs, gradients and drop-shadows.

• Small or depth.

• Very tight registration.

Among the wonderful benefits of silkscreen printing with place colour inks may be the smooth, even and consistent print which creates visually pleasing results – therefore, the recommendation (noted above) for designs with large regions of solid colour.

Another advantage may be the glossy finish of place colour inks instead of the more matte appearance of CMYK offset print – the gloss finish does really liven up the CD nicely. While gloss may be the standard finish it’s possible that you should specify a matte finish. The printing specialist can introduce a matte powder additive towards the gloss ink to supply a more ‘flat’ finish towards the print, and to provide you with a concept of how to capitalize of the, make a matte black graphic on the gloss black background – a significant subtle but visually appealing look!

Across the same lines you might also need a choice of utilizing a place obvious varnish to subtlety highlight facets of the look – however the obvious varnish still counts as utilizing a colour when you’re calculating your most of allowable print colours.

Whilst not all CD duplication companies may provide silkscreen printing being an option, should you choose have it like a printing option – as well as your disc design is appropriate for your process – it may be well worthwhile to visit that archaic old route.

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