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On the significance of Good User Interface Design

It appears apparent, but it is frequently overlooked. A good user interface design can spell the main difference between acceptance of the software product and it is failure available on the market. When the finish-users discover the software to become too cumbersome or obscure, then a normally excellent product might be condemned to failure. The developer’s goal ought to be to result in the software as professional-searching and simple to use as you possibly can.

Sadly, I have found that many companies–especially small or highly specialized software firms–pay little focus on the mechanics of good user interface style. “As lengthy because it works, that is what matters!” appears to become their mantra, with little regard for that inconvenience this imposes around the user.

Thankfully, that isn’t the way we operate at our organization. Our team invests considerable effort into making out user interfaces as intuitive and foolproof as you possibly can, because we realize that this really is something our customers would appreciate. I have frequently commended my teammates for recognizing that excellence may be worth going after.

Returning to the subject… I can not remember the number of occasions I have experienced software that is built to work, however with little regard for simplicity of use. When the software forces the operator to constantly see a manual or perhaps a cheat sheet, then this is a pretty good indication the user interface needs improvement. Similarly, the program should permit the user to do tasks rapidly and efficiently, without having to sacrifice power and versatility. This appears intuitive, but these factors are extremely frequently missing.

The sad part is the fact that these shortcomings can frequently be cured utilizing a couple of simple guidelines. For instance, it will help when the user can enter data using buttons and list boxes, rather of typing it in by hands. It will help when the software provides pop-up dialog boxes, to guide the consumer on the way. The cautious selection of icons along with other graphics can change a high learning curve right into a short and mild slope.

For instance, even such trivial matters as spelling and grammar deserve attention. Poorly phrased instructions can seriously hinder an operator–as well as when they don’t, they are doing reflect poorly around the developers of this application.

There’s a lot more that may be stated concerning the mechanics of good user interface design, but that is a subject which entire book could be (and also have been) written. Suffice to state that the company that strives for excellence should seriously consider the weather of software usability and versatility. They are critical aspects of software excellence, and they’re worth going after.

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