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Learn How to Compare Bike Insurance for Best Coverage at an Affordable Premium

You must be aware of the various policies available in the market so you can compare and purchase the right 2 wheeler insurance policy. On comparing you understand a lot of things, such as the coverage, features, as well as which policy provides the lowest premium rates. It becomes extremely convenient to compare these policies online. However, many people don’t know how to compare. Remember that premium is not the only factor to look at while comparing two-wheeler insurance policies. Along with that, there are certainly other factors to be considered too while comparing 2 wheeler insurance online, such as:

  1. Coverage along with Premium

While buying 2 wheeler insurance, consider the coverage features of the policy along with the premium charged and not just the price alone. Check if they provide you with additional in-built coverage offered by various policies and select a plan with maximum coverage benefits. This will definitely provide you with a comprehensive scope of coverage. Once that is done, compare the policies and purchase the one that offers you the most coverage benefits at affordable premium rates.

  1. List of Network Garages

You must also look for the list of network garages provided by your insurance company. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a cashless settlement, you must get your bike repaired at a network garage. If your insurer has a large network of garages in India, you wouldn’t have to struggle to get your two-wheeler repaired. This way the reapirs process also becomes hassle-free for you, as the insurance provider will settle the claim directly with the garage, and you don’t have to face any financial burden.

  1. Add-ons Offered

Additional covers are a boon to you, as they help enhance your existing bike insurance policy. Remember that you can only opt for add-ons under the comprehensive policy and not a third party insurance for bikes. Compare various add-ons provided by different insurance companies and buy the one that fits in your budget and suits your requirements, when you’re buying a new policy or at the time of insurance renewal. If the same add-on is offered to you by several insurance companies, you might want to check the premium charged for the same and choose accordingly.

  1. Service Provided

Previously, the process of purchasing an insurance policy used to be tedious, and hence people found it difficult to understand the various terms associated with two-wheeler insurance. However, times have changed over the years and so has the nature of the insurance industry. Earlier, you had to go through a lot of documentation process, and purchasing an insurance policy also involved agents and middlemen. This isn’t the case anymore; with the increase in technology, people are more informed now. The service quotient has been made important by the many digital insurers providing insurance policies online. Therefore, while purchasing the policy, always look for an insurance company that has a hassle-free claim settlement and a convenient insurance process.

The above-mentioned factors must be kept in mind while comparing two-wheeler insurance policies online. If you wish to have the best policy available out there, judge a policy based on these parameters.  To get an even clear picture of the premium to be paid and to make your job of comparing easier, you can use the two wheeler insurance premium calculator available on your preferred insurer’s website, and calculate the premium. You will receive the quote within no time, based on which you can carry on your comparison.

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