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Key Questions to Ask a Management Service Provider

If you are looking for a professional payroll provider, there are plenty of good companies who offer great services for an affordable price. Finding the right payroll solution for your business may seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t. Once you do some research and ask the right questions, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

How Many People are Employed by Your Organisation?

This is an important question to ask as you’ll find out how many people work for the company you are considering. If you have a small number of employees, you may not need to use a payroll provider, your accountant could look after this as an additional extra in their contract.

If they aren’t willing to offer free payroll services, then you should consider a payroll provider. Managed service providers who specialise in payroll are essential for all types of businesses, you don’t want to have to worry about manual entry if you’ve 20 or more employees on your books.

Here are some guidelines to help you think about payroll providers.

  • If you’ve 1-5 workers in your company, you are considered a small business, therefore you don’t have to comply with many numerous laws and there is very little regulation. You’ll still benefit from working with a payroll provider, but you won’t need as many services as a bigger company.
  • If you’ve between 6 and 50 employees, you are still considered to be a small enterprise, but you’ll have additional requirements.
  • Over 50 employees – you are moving towards being a medium enterprise and you’ll need the right payroll provider to look after your needs.

Where Are You Located?

If your company is based in a single location, it will be easier to manage your payroll. But if your company is based in more than 1 location or you have employees who work from remote areas, you’ll need to use a payroll provider who works using cloud-based technology.

Location is vitally important when choosing a payroll provider, if their offices are close by, you can easily visit them if you have any queries about their services.

How Much Will It Cost?

Every business owner worries about cost, you want to run your business effectively without wasting money. When looking for a payroll provider, ask them how much their services will cost. If they provide a professional service and they’ve a good reputation within the industry, they should be worth every penny.

How Long Have They Been in the Industry?

Experience doesn’t always equate to excellent service, but you are in a better position if you choose a payroll provider who has been in operation for a few years. They know what you require and bring plenty of knowledge to the table.

When consulting with a payroll service provider, don’t be afraid to ask numerous questions. You should understand what they are offering and do a lot of research before choosing a company. The right payroll provider has the ability to completely transform your business, making it more profitable and more efficient.

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