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How Customer Complaints Give You Clarity on Your True Company Values

Dealing with customer complaints is one of the best ways that you can get a true gauge on how your company genuinely interacts with customers and whether the internal processes you have in place to deal with complaints is effective. Clarity on your true company values can be discovered through analysis of your complaints process. Some of the best companies have a dedicated customer complaints team, and this is where any company can gain the advantage of a high standard and consistency through the outsourcing of complaints handling to a professional contact centre team with the knowledge and experience to assist.

There are a few processes that help to build trust with a customer that has put in a complaint. Complaints can range from a small issue that can be quickly resolved, to a bigger issue that needs some greater thought to overcome. What we do know, is that even a customer that has made a big complaint is never completely lost to a company. The way you react to a complaint has a big say in customer retention levels.

Show You Listen By hiring a team of contact centre operatives you are ensuring that your customers are interacting with professional listeners. They will have been trained in the approach of active listening and will have the ability to connect with the caller immediately and to demonstrate they are genuinely listening, taking down key factors and information that will be used by your company to deal with the complaint in question.

Effective Decision Making The next step is always the most important with a complaint of any kind. By hiring professional call centre teams to be your complaints department, they can maintain a positive approach with every single caller, but also have the wits and the decision-making ability to make fast decisions that resolve the issues at hand. This could be the power to offer refunds or filter through complaints in the smoothest possible fashion to the relevant internal departments within your business.

Transparency of Process The entire process of complaints should be transparent to your customers. This allows you to build genuine trust that leads to greater numbers of customer retention, even if you receive complaints. With the right support from a contact centre team with the experience of dealing with high volumes of calls from, often angry, customers with a complaint, your company will be on the right track.

Having the right team in place to deal with customer complaints will go a long way to helping a company gain a clear understanding of where it sits in the world, how it is perceived by customers and what the true company value is. With the correct approach and a team of dedicated contact centre operatives working solely on representing your company during the complaints process, you can ensure that your customers are engaged with in an honest, expedient and effective way from the very second they make a complaint. There is no time to waste when it comes to dealing with complaints and that is why a dedicated team with the experience of maintaining high standards even during high volumes of complaint calls, is a necessity for any business.

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