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How Call Escalation Can Make a Massive Difference to the Success of Your Company

Call escalation is an important part of any business where there is a communication channel for customers to speak directly with a representative of said business. If you do not have the capacity to take on emergency calls, complaints, or to deal with your current level of customers, a proper call escalation service from a professional contact centre could provide you with the framework you need to succeed. There is always room for improvement in every business and with the right type of call escalation protocol and implementation you could soon improve the fortunes of your business immeasurably, and keep your customers very happy in the process.

There are many reasons why a company might suddenly feel under pressure in terms of customer service and managing customer calls. The first is that there could be an emergency situation, where there is a pressing need for customers to call and complain about a faulty product or service, or to ask advice about a very specific item. Alternatively, it could be an altogether more positive reason, with higher volumes of calls than usual due to a successful product or service line that you are currently selling.

It can be overwhelming if you are not proactive for such a scenario, with your phonelines swamped, and your in-house team unable to fulfil calls and customer demands in an effective and timely fashion. This is where a professional call centre team can step in and provide you with the support you need to implement a call escalation system.

Find a contact centre with experience in this area of customer service support, and they will provide you with the tools and system to implement a clear call escalation protocol. In many cases, this works by tracking and logging customer support over a period of time, becoming attuned to what your loyal customer base usually calls for, and helps to build a framework of how your company receives customer queries and how it should manage those queries and calls.

Over time this consistently improves the processes that you have in place to deal with all types of customer queries, from those instances where a potential customer is looking for more information, through to the sales process, post-sale care, and complaints. Understanding quickly what a call is for, helps to provide the customer with a seamless, fast journey to be sent through to the correct department to help them with a query. Even if the customer starts off angry, by providing a fast and streamlined journey to a solution will help to ease the situation.

Look for a contact centre team that you can trust to deliver on your behalf, whether they are taking calls under your brand name, or just managing the flow of calls and delivering customers to the correct part of your business. With proper call escalation processes, you can be sure that your company is doing all it can to remain proactive in the face of customer demands.

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