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Guide 101: A Quick Look at the Work of a Corporate Photographer!

Like most people, you are probably wondering if “corporate photography” is actually a term. What does a corporate photographer do? Is their work different than of a regular wedding photographer? Entrepreneurs and business owners should consider this post as an essential read, because we are looking at the work, expertise of corporate photographer.

What does a corporate photographer do?

As the name suggests, a corporate photographer specializes in business photography. These are professionals who have expertise in taking specific kinds of photos, typically required for business promotions, company websites, LinkedIn profiles and marketing. Depending on the type of assignment, corporate photographers might be involved in taking photos at events, or can be hired just to take all the headshots for a company, so as to create a cohesive look for the brand concerned.

Is a corporate photographer different from other photography services?

Yes, absolutely. The role of a corporate photographer is more related to professional needs. It’s not like taking candid images at a wedding, but more about considering an image for a brand and creating the same using the right setup, tools, and equipment.

What to expect in terms of services?

Many corporate photography services have their own studios, so for businesses that are looking for headshots and portraits, they can simply visit the office of a selected service for getting the shoot done. Most services, however, can come over and take the images, which can be headshots and full portraits, at your workplace, which is what many clients prefer. They will bring all the equipment and gear required for the shoot, and you can expect to pay a fixed price for each headshot taken. Similar, some corporate photographers prefer a fixed charge for attending and covering events.

How to find the right service?

First and foremost, always check the work of a corporate photography service before you consider them for your project. It is also important that you evaluate the costs, although paying a tad more for a slightly better/known service is never a bad idea. You can also ask for references and check samples of their projects. In case of corporate photographers, you need a team that understands businesses and can help in rethinking your brand’s image through photos.

As you may have guessed, corporate photographers do matter for clients in business sector, and if you have a company, you should be hiring one for your brand.

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