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Four Helpful Tips when Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

As cracks begin to appear in your home, particularly at the foundation, you must have them repaired by professionals as soon as possible. Leaving even a small cracked unrepaired can result in all kinds of issues. Any sorts of foundation repair can be complicated and costly. Fortunately, there are many foundation companies out there that are willing to help you keep your home’s foundation in great shape. But, when hiring a foundation repair company, it pays to know who to hire.

The tips below can help you hire the right foundation repair company:

Consider the Knowledge and Experience of the Company

You want to ensure the company you are hiring knows how to fix foundations. This is not a job a general contractor can handle. Foundation repair is not an easy industry to learn. You want to steer clear of people who try to start a company with very little knowledge of how the actual repair process works. Hiring the wrong company will leave you dealing with a new repair issue they may create.

Ensure they Have a List of Happy Customers

Whether you need concrete repair or slab repair, a reputable company that specializes in foundation repair will provide local references when you ask them. Check their reputation in the community and online. Try to get first-hand information from somebody you trust by asking your friends or family if they can recommend a company. Also, do not forget to read online reviews that customers of a foundation company may have left.

Choose a Licensed and Insured Company

An established company must produce proof of insurance. They need to have a general business liability policy, together with a workmanship compensation policy, aside from carrying a commercial vehicle policy. The limits should be higher than the minimum requirements of the state. If your state requires licensing, ensure the company holds a valid business license and obtains all necessary permits.

Make Sure they are Familiar with your Area and Soil Type

The company that will take care of your foundation repair needs should be familiar with the local construction techniques and the soil conditions. The soil conditions can differ from one black to another. The company must understand the various kinds of foundations and how each of these will react upon the installation of piers. Also, make sure to choose a company with a verifiable physical shop or office location.  This way, you have somebody to turn to in case you have concerns about the job they have done in the near future.

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