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Five Important Tips when Hiring Removalists

If this is not your first time moving into a new home, you already know how stressful the moving experience can be. With moving comes many things to take care of including removing furniture and other items in your previous home as well as moving them to your new abode. Fortunately, you can avoid stress by letting professionals do the job for you. With their services, you do not need to worry about heavy lifting and finding people to help. But, before you are entrusting your stuff to the removalists, you want to make sure you hire the right people. Here are tips to help you with this:

Do your Homework

Before hiring any company, make sure you do your homework. You can ask your friends or family members who have recently moved for recommendations. The best company is already serving your community for many years. Also, consider asking around on social media or reading reviews online.

Obtain Estimates from Various Removalists

Avoid hiring the first company you will come across with. Contact many companies and obtain estimates so you can compare prices, terms, and deals. Keep in mind though that the company with the lowest bid does not have to be the best one. Check which company is likely to give you good value of your money.

Ask about Insurance

A reliable & experienced removalist in Brisbane has some form of insurance that will protect you and your belongings in case of unforeseen circumstances such as furniture damage or loss. The insurance of the company will pay for the damage.

Inform the Company about your Expectations

When contacting removalists to get some quotes, inform them about your specific needs and wants and what you want to move. A number of companies may charge extra for big items like pianos. In case the removalists will have to walk further to your new home because of a lack of parking space, they may also charge more. Giving this information from the get-go helps you avoid unpleasant surprises when it’s time to pay for their services.

Hire a Company that Has their Own Moving Truck

Before hiring a removalist, find out the kind of truck they will be driving. Are they going to rent a truck to move your stuff? If so, look for another company. An established removalist owns a truck that has the name, address, and contact number of their company printed on it. This will give you some sort of reassurance that your belongings will be delivered safely to your new home.

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