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Effectively Marketing Health Foods

PR is more effective than advertising; it’s perceived as a more credible way to communicate with consumers who are weary of being bombarded each day by advertising messages which they feel disinclined to trust.

Health Food PR

When marketing health foods it is imperative that the positive attributes are clearly communicated. Food PR professionals use the mediums at their disposal to inform, engage and encourage interaction with the brand and its products.

Health food PR should always be undertaken by food PR experts who have trained nutritionists on the team who inform their approach; Ceres PR is one such company. Their team’s strengths are to fully understand their clients and the products they co-ordinate the health food PR campaign for, identifying the target market and converting interest in to sales.

From infographics to videos, a strong online presence and an attractive website, shareable content to social media and events there are multiple ways to reach your potential consumer. Each campaign, brand and food product is unique; the most viable options for you are used.

The value of brand ambassadors and influencers

When food PR is carried out correctly, products and brands secure unofficial brand ambassadors who recommend the product and relate its benefits; these ambassadors are your consumers and they offer free marketing predominantly via social media with their friends and family who can repeat the process. The positivity of word of mouth endorsement cannot be overstated.

Health food PR is enhanced by an influencer, normally an expert blogger or vlogger and public figure known for their healthy lifestyle, confidently recommending the product’s health benefits.

Their followers are willing to emulate the activities of the presenter of the vlog or the blog creator and this audience of hundreds or thousands have a significant bearing on the product’s success in the marketplace.

Why is brand storytelling so effective?

In health food PR brand storytelling is the communication of vital information about the brand, and its integrity, via a narrative. Since ancient times people have enjoyed stories and as these trigger emotions which truly inspire the consumer to make decisions, the return on investment with brand storytelling is high. Logic is only used afterwards to justify the action.

Food PR video production

With video production it is obvious who is a novice or specialist. A video on Facebook or Youtube is only an exceptionally good idea when the content is managed efficiently by marketing experts.

Social media videos have been misused as visual telemarketing tools which placed an undesirable distance between the consumer and the brand.  Live health food PR videos remove barriers.

You may not know that social media PR live videos on Facebook average 6 times more engagement than other kinds of video. Mark Zuckerberg expects that videos and brand storytelling will soon overtake traditional posts in the NewsFeed.

Please do not try to handle any area of PR in house; entrust your campaign to health food PR specialists like Ceres PR. Your product deserves the best presentation to the market.

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