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Effective Tips for Advertising to Seniors 

People over 60 have significant purchasing power and if you own a business that offers a product or service they could use, it’s prudent to include them in your advertising strategy. And it’s not enough to just include them. To reap the benefits, the key is tailoring your advertising like you would for any specific demographic. How?

Here are some effective tips for advertising to seniors. 

Choose the Right Channels 

Different demographics favor different platforms for getting information. For example, a lot of young adults like podcasts while teenagers opt for social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok. 

For seniors, television is still prevalent but social media platforms like Facebook are also very common. When in doubt, there are a number of ways to find out what channels your target older audience prefers. For example, conducting market research (surveys, focus groups, in-person interviews) is one of the best ways to find out. You can also look up relevant industry data or even check with senior organizations like the AARP or community centers for insights. 

Use Visuals

Most demographics respond to visuals. For seniors, visuals in marketing means an easier way to gauge a product or service. For example:

  • Infographics that present complex information more clearly 
  • Videos that demonstrate the features of a product or service 
  • Testimonial photos and recordings from satisfied customers 

The thing to pay attention to when using visuals for this purpose is accessibility; include alternative texts, captions, or audio descriptions. You also want to use high-quality visuals with appropriate color schemes. 

Highlight Your Customer Service 

Since seniors tend to require help when browsing or shopping, they notice bad customer service, so a great selling point is customer service that is supportive and friendly. How do you highlight your customer service in advertising? 

  • Feature your customer service team in your advertising material 
  • Emphasise availability and response times with phrases like “24/7 support” and”friendly and knowledgeable customer service team
  • Include an offer of a satisfaction guarantee, warranty, or return policy 

Pay Attention to the Language 

You want to pay attention to the language you use when marketing to an older demographic as otherwise words can be misunderstood or get lost in translation.

To make sure your adverts are delivering your intended message: 

  • Use clear and concise language instead of jargon and abbreviations 
  • Avoid language that reinforces stereotypes about the elderly 
  • Stick to positive language about the benefits of your product or service instead of harping on age-related challenges 
  • Consider cultural and regional differences in vocabulary, idioms, and even tone 

In fact, it’s a good idea to test your message with more surveys or focus groups before launching a campaign. 

A major key to any successful advertising campaign is tailoring it to specific demographics. By choosing the right channels, using visuals, highlighting customer service, and paying attention to the language you can increase your chances of attracting elderly customers. 

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