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Don’t Miss These Facts About Trucking Load Boards!

The trucking industry is getting bigger and better, but the services are often scattered. Motor carriers often have available trucks, while freight brokers and shippers keep looking for options in their area. A load board is designed to connect all the concerning and involved parties, so that they can find one another and do better business. These are online portals, where carriers can post about available trucks and shippers can post about loads. Here are some of the facts worth knowing.

Paid doesn’t mean the best

A lot of load boards do charge carriers for registering with them, but just because a website is paid or charges for its services doesn’t mean it is the best. In fact, websites like Free Freight Search are a lot better, because these offer a lot of additional things. You can find thousands of freight broker credit reports, and some of them even offer freight bill factoring services, which is great for carriers that are looking for assistance with operation needs, such as fueling. If you are a carrier, you can sell your bills and get paid immediately, so that the business operations are never affected.

Why register with load boards?

If you are a carrier, registering with a load board may have many advantages. You can post about the location and availability of your trucks, which can be checked by thousands of freight brokers and shippers. You can also check for loads as posted by shippers. In case there is a direct match, the load board will send you an email in real time, so that you can get connected right away. Similarly, freight broker and shippers can check for thousands of different motor carriers, including the smaller services that are often not included by paid websites and load boards. You can also check for available trucks directly and contact the carriers to get the work going. Also, there are email alerts available for shippers, who want to get notified of the perfect match.

Using load boards has become a norm in the trucking industry, and since these websites offer a perfect platform for the important parties, their demand is on the rise. If you are new to load boards, always check the website to know if the platform is worth your time. You may also want to check the advantages of one load board over others. Financing assistance and credit reports are two things you should seek!

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