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Does Your Plant Hire Company Shape Up?

Owning a plant hire company has the potential to be very lucrative. Businesses of all shapes and sizes may have the need for specialised construction equipment, but most often on a temporary basis, which is where a plant hire company steps in.

There’s always going to be a high demand for machinery for hire, so plant hire companies should be doing their best to stay ahead of their competitors.

After all, it’s a competitive industry. A business seeking plant hire services understandably wants the best deals possible, but they also require a high standard of service to ensure they get the most out of the service.

Does your plant hire company shape up against your closest competition? Let’s take a closer look and see what you should be doing:

Is the equipment up to standard?

A plant hire company is only as good as the equipment they lease. It’s the bread and butter of the industry, so it makes sense to use the best machinery possible, as you can be sure the competition is doing so.

Clients are never going to appreciate a company that provides subpar machinery prone to breakdowns and mechanical failures. Frequent maintenance checks and testing is a must to ensure all equipment is up to standard, while it’s important that machinery is up to date, otherwise it may lag behind modern machinery available elsewhere.

Do you have enough equipment to meet consumer demands?

The best plant hire companies have a massive inventory of machinery, allowing them to accommodate countless clients at any given time. While it’s unrealistic for every plant hire company to have limitless numbers of machinery for hire, the best always has enough to meet the demands of their consumers.

Simply put, if you don’t have enough machinery on hand, customers will go elsewhere. So, if you’re constantly turning away bookings because of a lack of availability, you may want to consider increasing inventory to meet the demand.

Do you provide delivery and collection services?

While most companies do provide collection and delivery services, it’s not always a guarantee despite the advantages of doing so. Collection and delivery of machinery not only ensures the safe handling of your inventory, but also provides a convenient service that customers are always going to appreciate.

If there’s ever a choice between to plant hire companies, one that delivers and collects and one that doesn’t, you can be certain which company is chosen. Assistance with logistics is a big selling point for most businesses seeking machinery, so be sure to take advantage.

Is there a minimum term for hiring equipment?

Many plant hire businesses have minimum length terms for leasing machinery. While the reasoning behind such a practice is understandable, it’s not the most consumer-friendly terms, with many turning away from such contracts.

For instance, forcing a business to hire machinery for longer than they need it makes very little sense. Yes, the payment for the lease may seem worthwhile, but it causes many potential clients to seek hires elsewhere.

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