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Do You Know Why Most Companies Prefer Mercedes Car for Their Senior Executives?

If you make a survey then you will learn that most of the corporate sectors prefer to provide Mercedes cars to their senior executives. Also, if there are any company guests arriving then they always choose Mercedes Benz for their guests so that they feel good about the company.

In Houston too, people prefer their senior executives to drive Mercedes Benz Houston and there are few good reasons for that. Lets us dwell upon those reasons in this small write up.

  • Engine and gearbox combination is very smooth

If you drive their latest model which is using 2.0-liter diesel engine, then you will find that it is driving very smoothly without making any kind of noise. Its gearbox has 9 speed changes, which can be changed seamlessly while in the car, you do not feel any kind of vibration.

  • Smooth touch control on steering wheel

If you are familiar with Blackberry track pad in your phone then you will immediately get adjusted with touch control buttons that are fitted in steering wheel of the latest models of Mercedes. You can control and navigate your car very comfortably and smoothly. The placement of dash screen and other menu controls are absolutely perfect.

  • Very convenient to drive during night

The inside cabin and its lighting are so well designed that you have absolutely no problem in driving during dark nights.

  • Designated key holder

Mercedes has paid attention to minor details while designing the cabin. The key holder has been placed at perfect place so that one can access it very comfortably.

  • Pulsing starter button

It may be nothing to do with the functioning of the car however when you drive any car with such features available then you will never like to drive any other car.

  • LED headlights

With such LED light you can travel at night very safely as its high beam of light is produced by 84 individual LEDs which will not only illuminate the roads ahead of you, but also can be dimmed, when it detects any other vehicles and prevents dazzling. This is an intelligent light system that has been created by multi beam LEDs.

  • Can indicate Bonus miles

The instrumentation provided on the display will indicate how many miles you have managed to add to save your fuel during every journey with your economical driving skills.

  • Four-way lumbar support for driver’s seat

Has the facility to adjust driver seat for the convenience of any kind of driver.

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