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Disputing an Asbestos Survey and Removal Company

Asbestos is a dangerous substance and that is why it was banned within use in construction in the UK in the year 1999. The problems with asbestos became widespread as it became apparent about how deadly it actually was. Asbestos as a material was used in so many different areas of life for many decades in the 20th century, as insulation in buildings, for lagging on pipes and in many different sectors and industries.

It has since been discovered that it only takes one breath of asbestos dust or fibres to become ill with an asbestos-related illness, such as asbestosis or mesothelioma. The further problem is that theses illnesses do not present any symptoms at all for many years, quite often for decades, by which time it is far too late to do anything about it. This is why there are still so many cases of asbestos-related illness showing up in people across the country, as asbestos is still present in many different buildings that were built prior to the ban in 1999.

No asbestos should be legally disturbed or removed from a building without the assistance of a professional licensed asbestos survey and asbestos removal company. For developers, construction teams, and those in charge of public buildings where the presence of asbestos has been discovered this can be a long and tiring process.

It of course does take time to put together a survey of asbestos within a building. When it does take place it should clearly identify all asbestos in a property, as well as all asbestos-materials, highlighting exactly where they are and the danger they could cause to those living and working in the building. In the vast majority of cases there course of action is to safely and securely remove the asbestos entirely, although there are some instances where a licensed operator can safely repair and seal an area where asbestos is present. It only takes one slight disturbance for asbestos fibres to be released into the air, and one breath of those fibres for a person to become ill and not know it for many years.

If you have ordered an asbestos survey, or an asbestos removal service, and you are unhappy with the results in any way, or feel that the costs you’ve been given to not accurately reflect the survey answers, it is important to seek advice from professionals in the field. Many asbestos survey companies can offer you a service that investigates a building and on-going asbestos survey to see if everything looks to be above board. It can also offer advice on the next course of action should it be found that there are problems with the existing asbestos survey, or should the asbestos removal project not have been conducted in a safe and thorough manner as expected.

Always ensure that you are fully covered when dealing with asbestos, and never take risks as it does only take one second to become ill and lose your life due to asbestos-related illness in years to come.

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