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Astonishing Facts That Will Make You Want to Call a Professional Office Cleaning Firm Today

According to a recent coast-to-coast survey conducted across Australia, the majority of business owners — 58%, to be exact — are under the impression that hiring a commercial cleaning firm is some sort of luxury or extravagance that doesn’t really add value to the bottom line.

However, it’s important to note that maintaining a clean, sanitary, and aesthetically pleasing office is now more imperative than ever before.

Neglecting Office Hygiene Can Devastate Your Bottom Line

Over the past 10 years, the absenteeism rate in Australia has surged by roughly 11% and the annual outlays associated with lost productivity due to non-attendance have surpassed $30 billion. In this regard, it’s worth your while to take a look at how this trend correlates to hygiene and cleanliness in the office environment:

  • Office telephones contain 12,000 microbes per square centimetre, keyboards are home to almost 25,000 microorganisms, and the standard computer mouse is covered in approximately 11,000 different germs. By comparison, a typical toilet seat only has about 20 microbes per square centimetre.
  • These figures shouldn’t come as a huge surprise because the average office worker will come into contact with upwards of nine million bacteria strains during the workday and one in every three corporate employees actually admits to not washing his or her hands after using the lavatory.
  • A single person who happens to be carrying a virus or infection will contaminate 90% of his or her immediate surroundings in less than eight hours even if the individual isn’t displaying any noticeable symptoms.
  • Apart from these unseen productivity killers, another obfuscated detriment that stems from an unclean office is the rising turnover rate; 80% of the corporate employees who switched companies during the past 12 months stated that the cleanliness and upkeep in their offices “played a significant role in their decision to interview with other employers”.

A visibly unkempt office can also diminish your ability to attract new customers or highly sought-after talent. A potential client or job prospect will draw a concise conclusion regarding the appearance of your headquarters in less than five seconds and it can take as many as a dozen extra appointments to change his or her initial opinion if it happens to be a negative one.

The Best-Rated Commercial Cleaning Companies Provide Strategic Assistance

Today’s most venerated commercial cleaning organisations, such as Urban Clean, are able to deliver an intuitive, comprehensive service from start to finish:

  • In-depth site evaluations and risk assessments
  • Budget-friendly service plans without any complicated long-term contracts
  • Medical-grade cleaning tools, machines, and provisions with an onus on eco-friendly sanitation
  • Highly trained, professionally dressed cleaning experts that carry Certificate 3 authorisations
  • Devoted personal liaison to help you troubleshoot and problem solve
  • Real-time reporting and auditing with a patented smart-device application to ensure a pristine work site every single day

All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse to request a free, tailor-made quote so be sure to visit the website of your local branch at your earliest convenience.

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